What is the resume inbox and how do I use it?

The resume inbox is an email address set up specifically for your account that you can forward emails with a resume attached into. The resume file will be parsed and a candidate record is created based on the information in the resume.

The email address format is resumes@subdomain.catsone.com. Be sure to replace "subdomain" with the actual subdomain for your CATS account. It is highly suggested that you keep your resume inbox address private from candidates/public places. If this email address gets released, anyone with address will be able to add candidate records to your database.

The resume inbox can be viewed in the Candidates > Resume Inbox location. This resume inbox view will show you the candidates that have been entered via this method from the past three days. This is only a list of those candidates, the actual candidate record is created under the Candidates section of the system. 


  • There is no way to remove a candidate from the resume inbox. If you wish to delete the candidate record, open it and delete it from your candidates database.
  • Send five or fewer resume files into the resume inbox at one time.
  • If you forward multiple resumes in a single email, no content will be added to the notes section of the candidates.
  • Keep your resume inbox email address private as anyone with the address can add candidates into your database.

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