Commons - How It Works

Commons is a split-network, right inside CATS. Commons connects recruiters through job order postings and candidate submissions, and also connects recruiters to direct employers.

For recruiters

Post job orders or submit candidates to other recruiters, or submit qualified candidates to direct employers.

For direct employers

Direct employers can post jobs to Commons and receive qualified candidates from CATS recruiters on a commission basis.

1. Posting a job order

You can post a job order to Commons from the “Job Orders” page in Commons, or from the “More” drop down on a job order in CATS.

The title, description and other information is pulled from CATS. The only additional information you need to supply is the commission. This can be either a fixed amount or a percentage of the employee’s starting salary.

Other CATS recruiters can now find your job order via Commons search.

2. Submitting a candidate

Search Commons to find job orders relevant to your recruiting work. You can submit relevant candidates to the posting recruiter from the Commons job order details page or from a candidate in CATS.

Only the candidate’s resume, first name and last initial are sent to the other recruiter, along with any notes you’d like to include. It’s now up to the posting recruiter to review your candidate.

3. Reviewing candidates

As the job order poster, you will be notified when you have candidates to review. You can decline submissions that you don’t find relevant and accept candidates that are worth consideration.

When you accept a candidate, a copy of the candidate information is added to the job order pipeline. This includes full name and contact information. You can work with the candidate record just as you normally do, moving the candidate through the pipeline workflow.

The submitting recruiter will be kept up-to-date through notifications about the current status mapping of the candidate.

4. Placing a candidate

When you place a candidate that was submitted to you via Commons, an invoice will be created. You agree to pay the invoice within 30 days of receipt. For recruiter splits, the amount due is 50% of the commission paid to you, less fees. Direct employers will pay a full commission less fees.


It's free to post job orders and candidates. Pay a 5% commission fee only if a candidate placement is facilitated by Commons.

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