How secure is my data?

We understand how important your personal information and resumes are and want to ensure you that we take great precautions to protect it and keep it confidential. Only you and the users which you add to your account will ever have access to your private data. Aside from job orders which you may mark as public and post on your website, no information is ever made available to a third party. Occasionally, you may contact support and want us to review your site or how it's behaving. The CATS administrators can remotely login and view your data in order to assist you; but only with your permission.

All of your information is stored in the Amazon Web Services datacenter on the East Coast of the U.S. This facility uses electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. They are also staffed 24x7 by trained security guards and access is authorized strictly on a least privileged basis.

All of your data is routinely backed up at scheduled intervals in addition to live replication (meaning when you enter new information it is stored in more than one physical location). The combination of these two backup measures ensures that neither physical damage nor data corruption/intrusion will cause the loss of any information. The data and information you enter in CATS is owned by whoever signs up and pays for the CATS account. You are able to create a live backup at any time that you deem necessary.

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