What is a website branding?

A career portal branding makes your CATS career portal, where candidates browse your jobs and apply, look just like your existing company website. If you aren't currently branded, when a candidate finds your career portal, whether it's through a job posting or by clicking on "Careers" from your website, the page they see is drastically different from your company site. A branded career portal garners more applicants and trust. 




Why is a branding important?

Customers who have branded their career portal to match their website are receiving an average of 5 times more applicants through their portal than any other job board they post to. Additionally, branded portals receive up to 8 times more applicants than non-branded portals. Recent reports also show that visitors spend more time on websites where the career portal matches. More time spent on the branded portal equates to more applications being submitted. When you have more applicants to choose from, you are able to fill positions faster and continue to grow your business.

It is important to note that you aren't paying for any additional features or services when you purchase this service, it is strictly for labor. If you are comfortable editing HTML/CSS files or know someone who is, you have all the tools at your disposal to brand your website yourself at no charge.

To learn more or request that we brand your career portal, email support@catsone.com.

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