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  1. Are there any setup fees?

  2. Calendar Sync

  3. Can I backup my data?

  4. Can I change my company name and/or ID?

  5. Can I disable registration on my career portal?

  6. Can I require candidates register before applying?

  7. Commons - Candidate Matches

  8. Commons - How It Works

  9. Does CATS have an API?

  10. Does CATS publish my jobs on the web?

  11. Email integration details

  12. How can I add a picture to my emails or signature?

  13. How can I configure email notifications for new applicants?

  14. How can I copy a candidate pipeline to another job order?

  15. How Can I Customize the Candidate Profile Preview?

  16. How can I customize which columns are displayed in my grid?

  17. How can I disable exports for users on my account?

  18. How can I export data for reporting or other purposes?

  19. How Can I Link Resumes to Companies in My Database?

  20. How can I set up my site to use my CATS Career Portal?

  21. How can I translate the fields and tabs in the system?

  22. How can I turn a candidate into a contact (or vice-versa)?

  23. How can my data be imported?

  24. How come candidates are applying without completing the job application?

  25. How do candidates and contacts opt-in/out of emails?

  26. How do I access CATS on my mobile phone?

  27. How do I add a candidate?

  28. How do I add additional resumes or attachments/files to a candidate record?

  29. How do I add or edit custom fields?

  30. How do I add tags to a record?

  31. How do I add/remove a user?

  32. How do I change or reset my password?

  33. How do I change the localization settings?

  34. How do I change the name of an existing job application?

  35. How do I create a dynamic list (saved search)?

  36. How do I create a static list?

  37. How do I create Email templates?

  38. How do I customize my dashboard?

  39. How do I customize the emails that are sent when a candidate applies or registers?

  40. How do I download my candidates to an Excel spreadsheet?

  41. How do I edit my job applications?

  42. How do I hide a job from my career portal but still have it available to be applied to?

  43. How do I hide from my career portal URL?

  44. How do I merge duplicate records?

  45. How do I post to Monster or CareerBuilder?

  46. How do I replace the "Powered by CATS" logo with text on the career portal?

  47. How do I see my newest applicants?

  48. How do I stop spam applicants?

  49. How do I track applicant EEO-1/VEVRAA/503 information?

  50. How do I update my billing information?

  51. How do I use the CATS job widget?

  52. How do I use the WordPress job widget?

  53. How does CATS identify duplicate records?

  54. How secure is my data?

  55. How should my spreadsheet look for mass importing data?

  56. How to cancel

  57. How to rearrange, hide, or require fields

  58. How to use MailChimp integration

  59. How to use our Chrome and Firefox browser extensions/add-ons

  60. I cannot select a status, what's wrong?

  61. I need a copy of my invoice/receipt

  62. I sent a candidate in via email and he/she was added to multiple job pipelines

  63. I stopped receiving task/reminder/new candidate/etc emails. What can I do?

  64. Is there a way to edit a resume to add my company information?

  65. Localization: Daylight savings time settings

  66. My browser extension/add-on says "invalid/incorrect transaction code"

  67. My job description/email was pasted from Microsoft Word and isn't appearing correctly.

  68. Posting a job to your company's Facebook page

  69. Search CATS using Chrome address bar

  70. Searching in CATS

  71. Setting up the Checkr Integration

  72. Slack Integration Details

  73. Training videos/previously recorded webinars

  74. Upcoming webinars

  75. What are the accepted forms of payment?

  76. What are the different user access levels?

  77. What do the EEO-1 report ethnicity letters mean?

  78. What does "Hot" mean?

  79. What is a career portal?

  80. What is a website branding?

  81. What is my subdomain?

  82. What is the "Active" checkbox on candidates for?

  83. What is the "Category" field for when adding a job order?

  84. What is the "Internal Postings" company?

  85. What is the "Website Signature?"

  86. What is the resume inbox and how do I use it?

  87. What is workflow?

  88. Which countries are supported for zip/postal code radius search?

  89. Which job boards can I post to?

  90. Why can't I find my jobs on Indeed or other job boards?

  91. Why can't I see all of my candidates/joborders/companies/contacts?

  92. Why does candidate status still say "no contact" after I just emailed them?

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